2018 Truffle Season Review

2018 – What an exciting season!

We have been thrilled to again be apart of many clients excitement in searching for truffles on their property.  For some the waiting game is still on for next season, whilst there were six new producers located this season.

The weather was very not the best this season.  We have not previously been rained off so many times in previous years.  Many people were finding truffles on the top of the ground or just breaking through the ground, but many of them were rotten or half rotten with all of the rain.

Even with all of the rain I would like to congratulate the six new producers from this season.  They were in:

  • Waikato
  • Bay of Plenty
  • Horowhenua
  • Wairarapa

The most amazing response was being ‘bear hug tackled’, whilst still close to the ground, by the new producers.  Their excitement was very hard to contain and I always feel so privileged to be a part of these moments.  This happened at the end of the season, so no further truffles were located, but looking forward to the 2019 season.

One client was working Indy when they called out to say that she appeared to have located something, and they were correct.  Indy found approximately 8 – 10 first truffles around a tree.  We searched twice more around the same trees later in the season and find a similar amount each time.

Another client was away but photos of the truffle located were sent through.  Due to part of the truffle being overripe they were removed and placed in the freezer ready for their return.  A further couple were found in the next visit under a different tree.

What a surprise at another clients when Indy knocked a truffle out of the ground.  I asked if they had T. borchii, a white truffle, and an unsure answer came back.  On checking the smell and look of the truffle we located their first T. Borchii.  Excitingly they located more truffle on the surface without the dogs, one of which was over 100 grams.  Lots of excitement there.

The ones we found at another client were quite large and well formed.  We left one in the ground for later in the week.  Such excitement and lot of generosity as I later found they had shared them with friends in the region that were also growing truffles, but are unsuccessful thus far.

Searching a large number of trees is not only hard for the dog but also the handler as we need to keep aware of any changes that the dog could make.  We were all very excited when walking through a large number of trees (800 plus) and the forth to last tree we located the owners first truffle!  Never give up…

Those that have previously been producing are increase in their production as truffles were located under new trees.  Which is great to see.

For those of you that are concerned about non production or would like to have your roots tested, details of root testing is found here.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone again next season, and continue to locate so many more truffles in the 2019 season.