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It’s hard to find a more valuable crop than the elusive truffle.  Truffles grow underground around the roots of selected trees, for example, Oaks, Pine nuts, Hazelnuts, and Chestnuts.

Locating truffles was traditionally carried out using pigs, which although with a natural instinct for locating and rooting for the truffle could at times be dangerous when trying to wrestle a truffle out of their mouth!   Although the pig does have the natural tendency to locate truffles, the dog is now the preferred choice for surveying land for this valuable crop, and for keeping your fingers away from the mouth of the pig!  And that’s where Truffle Dog Services can help truffle orchard (truffière) owners.

Truffle Dog Services started in 2011 searching in the Te Puke area with Ollie, a Sydney Sylkie x Jack Russell.  Although a stunning dog, with a few other people contacting us it became obvious that we needed another dog that had longer legs and more endurance as the orchards were also getting larger.

Since 2014, our surveying areas increased, Indy joined the team, and we started providing truffle detection services for truffière’s throughout the North Island, from Whangarei down to Wellington and everywhere in between.

We are excited to be part of your journey to find your first truffles, or to assist you with locating and training your first truffle dog.

If you would like to know more about our services, feel free to contact us.

Meet our Truffle dogs