A valuable Investment

  • Maximise return on your truffle investment
  • Avoid unnecessary risk
  • Deliver the finest truffles to your customers

Truffles are one of the world’s most valuable crops (edible black gold) so why risk your investment?

Being hard to find, many truffles end up left in the ground, enjoyed by no-one and earning no money. Only a specially trained truffle dog will make sure those truffles are found. Trained family dogs can be great at finding truffles, followed by sending a professional dog through to provide peace of mind.

Specifically trained dogs are now the standard way to find truffles. They are safer and more efficient than the traditional use of pigs. Non-specialists can fail to find truffles, damage truffles, or harvest immature truffles. Using Truffle Dog Services, a professional truffle dog service, can reduce this risk.

At New Zealand Truffle Dog Services, our trained truffle dogs are here to help you harvest your crop. We’ve been helping New Zealanders find their truffles since 2012. Whether you’re already in the truffle business or just starting out, we’re here to help you. Call or text 021 655 054 or send us an email.