About Us

My name is Karen Drummond and I have been involved in dog training for over two decades. I started Truffle Dog Services in 2011, working in the Te Puke area with Ollie, a Sydney Sylkie Jack Russell cross.

High demand meant that it soon became obvious that we would need more dogs, and we now have two dogs working and another in training.

Since 2014 our service area has increased. Located in the King Country, we now provide truffle hunting services throughout the North Island and starting in the South Island in the 2019 season.

My qualifications include a Scentwork Enrichment Certificate from Canine Principles, a UK Rural Skills Certificate in Canine Scentwork; a National Certificate of Adult Education and Training; and the courses Principles of Canine Behaviour, and  Canine Health and Husbandry from Massey University.