Meet our Dogs

As dogs get older, they lose their ability to smell. We always have dogs at the peak of their scenting ability and physical agility. Truffle Dog Services is constantly training new dogs to ensure we look after your truffières while the dogs are in their prime.

Indigo (Indi)

A Cocker Spaniel, Indigo is a fast and focused hunter. She checks each tree thoroughly and quickly and thrives on her work. Indi can locate truffles of a variety of weights up to 15 cm underground.

Indi locates T. melanosporum (Périgord), T. uncinatum (Burgundy), T. borchii (Bianchetto), and T. Brumale.



Hailing from the South Island, Tigga is an 18 month old Springer Spaniel currently working towards the end of her training. In her first week she joined me for a demonstration at Unitec to show students how truffles are found. Tigga enjoyed all of the pats and treats from the students and was reluctant to leave.

Tigga is progressing well and can locate truffle baits up to 5cm underground. Her training continued over the summer and autumn seasons and after completing several hunts where Indi supervised and double checked her work is now up and hunting on her own.  She has completed several searches by herself including a night search in the middle of the season.


Karen with Zorro working

Zorro joined the team from Moira Briscoe, a truffle orchardist in the South Island.  Zorro is now 12 months and has proven that he has learned the art of truffle hunting.  He spent his first few months with a family friend who introduced him to life in the city before joining the rest of the crew.  Zorro located his first T. melanosporum truffles in three different truffières in the 2019 season.