Our Truffle Dogs

Ollie was the most amazing dog and taught me so much about scentwork.  He completed a couple of seasons, and has since retired.

Ollie represented Truffle Dogs in the book Dogs in Action by Maria Alomajan.  In Nov 2013 Ollie appeared in the Waikato Times whilst truffle hunting at my friends truffière.

The dog team grew with Indigo (Cocker Spaniel), then Haggis (2014) and Tigga (2017), both Spring Spaniels.

Indigo (Indi) was a family dog that was always looking for, and successfully finding, trouble. Since being trained to hunt for truffles, Indy has calmed down, kind of, and is a fast and focussed hunter.

Indy checks each tree thoroughly and quickly, and thrives on her work.  The 2017 season was steady for Indy with locating first time truffles in three different truffière’s, and truffles on new trees, for clients in the North Island.  Indi can locate truffles in a variety of sizes from approx. 180 grams through to the size of half-a-pea 10 cm under ground…now that’s impressive.

Indi has located T. melanosporum (Périgord), T. uncinatum (Burgundy), and T. borchii (Bianchetto).

Haggis and his toys

Haggis was the new boy on the block in 2015, but that role has now been taken by Tigga.  Haggis has been successful in the 2017 season in Bay of Plenty locating approximately 2 kg of Perigord truffle for a client over a couple of sessions.

Haggis finds both T. melanosporum (Périgord) and T. borchii (Bianchetto).

Tigga is new and only 20 weeks old.  Tigga flew from the south island to join the team and is settling in well.  In her first week with us, she joined us for a demonstration at Unitec to show the students how to search for truffles.  Tigga was introduced to the truffle smell at the demonstration, and took her new role with enthusiasm. She enjoyed all of the pats and treats from the students and was reluctant to leave.